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Covid-19 Policy

Infection protection measures at Hotel Ullensvang - overall measures and

We ask you as our guest to kindly contribute to the following:

• Kindly stay at home if you feel unwell or have experienced respiratory symptoms. Our guests and staff are both asked to not visit the hotel when being ill. Please contact the hotel, we are happy to rebook your reservation so that we can welcome you at another time.

• Upon arrival and during your stay, we kindly ask you to regularly use our many disinfection stations which are strategically located around the hotel.
May we also encourage you to thoroughly wash your hands with water and soap for each time you are entering your hotel room.

• Your entire stay is settled by credit card payment. The hotel is currently cash-free. Consumption of products and services during your stay is charged directly to your hotel room and settled all together upon departure.

• Kindly adhere to our measures taken when it comes to avoiding major queuing and congestions. A thorough risk analysis has been conducted on our side, where measures were introduced with the aim of facilitating a good transfer flow among our guests and staff. We ask all our guests to comply with any requests and information presented upon arrival. The hotel has a dedicated service telephone for our resident guests. We encourage you to use this phone service in order to avoid physical attendance in reception.

• We ask for your kind understanding and co-operation that it is importance that you show up on time and at the right place for your table reservation. Upon check-in, we will clarify the time for your reservation. Once you are seated, kindly wait for us to be able to communicate all necessary information for the meal. All our guests are allocated the same table for the entire stay and will relate to a limited amount of waiters throughout a meal at a time.

We as your host do anything we can to be able to wish you welcome to Hotel Ullensvang in safe
surroundings through the following measurements (amongst other):

• Frequent cleaning of all exposed surfaces and the introduction of strict and frequent cleaning routines throughout the hotel.

• Thorough hotel room cleanliness between guest arrivals. We have removed decoration pillows, bedspreads and other items that are not considered necessary for your stay.

• All items that could, under normal circumstances, be shared amongst tables/guests in common areas got equally removed. Those may be menus, serving utensils, salt dispensers and other food equipment meant for sharing.

• Implemented measures and incentives to facilitate a limited number of people in one room. This with the goal to comply with the current and official distance restrictions and not to exceed recommendations.

Detailed and implemented measures for our employees with the aim of safeguarding infection prevention measures, whilst at the same time providing equally good service and comfort for our guests.

• Established contingency plans which will be used in the event of a confirmed infection, with associated contamination of hotel rooms and other areas where the infected guest states to have been in.

• Dedicated infection control committee has been established, which is available at all times to introduce necessary measures or make adjustments.