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Tyssedal via Ferrata

If you’ve 4 to 5-hours spare on your Ullensvang getaway, there are few places that are as unforgettable as the Via Ferrata trail – where Norway’s waterpower all began.

Did you know that a whopping 99% of Norway's electricity is produced by waterpower? Experience how it all started by climbing the spectacular Via Ferrata trail, next to the penstocks in Tyssedal. You’ll start the tour with a visit to the Norwegian Museum at Hydropower and Industry.

Then following a short film, you’ll begin with an adrenaline filled adventure that’ll take your breath away, partly due to the amazing scenery. Witness the extreme altitudes and conditions where the pioneer workers manually built the waterpower constructions more than 100 years ago. A tour that’s both insightful and inspirational.