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about ullensvang

Historic Photo of Hotel Ullensvang from 1890

1846. A 14-year old’s vision. A one-of-a-kind Hardanger

Hotel Ullensvang was established by 14-year old Hans Utne, when he rowed across the Fjord from Utne. Young Hans was full of enthusiasm and soon managed to buy a small piece of land on the banks of the Fjord, where he built himself a boathouse…

Inside Pool Evening
Ullensvang Fjordbath

Check in - Breathe Out

Located by the edge of the fjord, Ullensvang Fjordbath offers an experience like no other.

Tennis Court
On-site activities

Sport, leisure and pleasure for all.

At Hotel Ullensvang, keeping fit is just as it should be here. FUN. We’ve plenty of ways to stay in shape – no matter your age or ability, on your Ullensvang getaway your body will toned and honed.

Seafront View from Garden

Everything in our Fjord Garden really is rosy.

Rosy is putting it mildly. Sitting in a prime position next to the fjord, our picturesque garden is full of colour all year round. Enjoy a lazy summer’s day in a sun lounger right on the fjord and take a refreshing dip in the bay. Or take in the vibrant hues in autumn before exploring our very own sandy beach…

Kayaking on the Fjord

Enthralling for adults. Equally thrilling for kids.

Whatever their age, kids will love Hotel Ullensvang just as much as you. But then we’ve all the fun facilities and amenities either of you could ask for…

Dog Friendly
Dog Friendly Rooms

Are you planning on travelling with your four legged friend?

We have a limited number of dog friendly rooms available.