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let's get together

Meetings & Events

We have a long and proud tradition of being the hosts of meetings, events, gatherings and more. Our location makes us a natural meeting point in Hardanger, our proximity to several points of interest offers unique experiences, and our facilities provides all the modern comforts you'd expect.

As we say in Norway, velkommen!

Meeting room and Conference Facility Hotel Ullensvang
Meeting spaces

Where we get together

We have many different meeting rooms, each with their own unique charm and identity

Activities & services

When we get together

We'll help organise activities and book services, both for big and small groups. Our aim is that your journey to Hardanger, and the time you spend here, is truly memorable

Celebrations and special occasions

Good company makes good memories

Celebrate in style with our versatile function spaces, tailored for every occasion. Create unforgettable memories with us

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