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Ullensvang Fjordbath

Located by the edge of the fjord, Ullensvang Fjordbath offers an experience like no other. Blissfully refreshing.


The baths are divided into 6 zones, 3 outdoor and 3 indoor. From our leisurely infinity pool with bubble-benches, to our traditional rectangle indoor pool, you will find what works for you.


Opening hours:

Indoor pools: 06:00 - 22:00

Outdoor pools: 08:00 - 22:00

Sauna: 07:00- 12.00 and 14:00 - 19:00

Remember, access to Ullensvang Fjordbad is always included for our staying guests! If you wish to visit without staying overnight, you can check availability and purchase tickets HERE

You can read more about the different zones and other amenities below. 

The family areas

Open for all

Indoor pools

In our indoor family area, there are 2 swimming pools.

Our classic pool is still a favourite amongst swimmers. It's size and shape means it works well for swimming and playing. 

Our kids pool is located next to the classic indoor pool. This is a shallow pool, perfect for the little ones. 

Swimming channel

With 88(!) metres to swim, this channel is one of the longest swimming channels in northern Europe, and has become a favourite amongst our guests. The channel begins by the indoor pool in the family area, and leads to our outdoor infinity pool.

Infinity pool

Located at the end of the swimming channel is our iconic infinity pool. By the edge of the garden, close to the fjord, this is a favourite spot for many swimmers to take in the views and the fresh air, without having to leave the warm waters.

Adult only

For the more mature swimmers

Adult indoor pool

In our adult area, indoor the pool is located in the corner of the room, with swim-out access to the outdoor pool. This pool is equipped with bubble-benches, meaning to can sit, relax and enjoy the views from the floor to ceiling windows whilst the bubbles takes the stress away.

Adult outdoor pool

Our outdoor adult pool offers a wide selection of relaxing features. These includes the outdoor bubble-benches, massage shower and excellent views. This oasis is sure to both recharge and relax.

Other facilities

More than 'just' pools


Our sauna is located in the adult-only area. It promises heat, views and more heat. Perfect as a break from swimming, or as a relaxing alternative for those who prefer to stay dry.

Hot tub

The hot tub is located in the family section. As with most hot tubs, it maintains a higher temperature than the other pools, and with its bubbles and circular shape, it's a great place to relax, or to have a chat. 


Our relax-zone is located in the adult only area. The zone has heated beds, loungers and foot bath chairs. The zone is perfect to spend some me-time, perhaps with a good book, or just rest your eyes and relax

Want to visit

but you don't want to spend the night?

Outside of our summer season, you can visit the baths and the wellness area, without staying the night. Tickets are available for Sundays from 1 p.m to 10 p.m, and Monday to Thursday from 6 a.m to The ticket is valid for 2 hours after activation, and you need to tick which date is applicable for your visit when ordering.