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Please note: we're currently operating with reduced hours and menu in Fjord Bar & Lounge. Opening hours: 13:00 - 15:00

Cider and juice from Hardanger

exclusively local - delicious and refreshing

Do as the locals do - drink what the locals drink

When we say exclusively local, it's because cider from Hardanger is protected, just like Champagne. When here, you can try the many different types of cider and apple juice (the locals call it "eplemost") produced by the more than 20 independently owned cider and juice producers located in the fjord, each one with a unique product and history attached. 

Cider tasting in Lofthus

Cider tasting in Lofthus

We're lucky to have an excellent cider producer right next door - within walking distance from the hotel!

Cider safari

Cider safari

The only (as far as we know) cider safari in the world. Hop on the safari boat (or step outside the hotel doors) and head for new adventures!

Travelling as a group?

Group cider activity

Get together and experience the deliciousness of Hardanger-cider

RIB Fjord Safari with Cider Tasting

RIB and Cider

Certainly the fastest way to get around the fjord