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Please keep in mind

We are very happy to welcome all our guests to the pools and wellness area, but we do have some rules that needs to be in place and followed to ensure that everyone stays safe and has a good time.

  1. There is no lifeguard on duty, so all swimming is at your own risk
  2. No children under 16 allowed in the pools without adult supervision. The age limit for the adult area is 18 and older.
  3. You have to shower without your costume before entering the pool and wellness area.
  4. No shoes except for slippers in the pool and wellness areas.
  5. Do not bring any glass (this includes bottles) to the poolside or the wellness area.
  6. The baths are unisex, so keep your costume on when outside of the changing rooms.
  7. Diving is not allowed in any of the pools.
  8. Do not bring alcohol to the baths.
  9. No running, as the floors may be slippery.
  10. Use the handrails when entering and exiting the pools to prevent slipping.
  11. Non-staying guests has to purchase a ticket to enter (subject to availability).
  12. Use the bins provided for towels.
  13. Sunbeds and loungers can't be reserved, towels left will be removed.
  14. If you go outside for a dip in the fjord, you have to shower before re-entering the pool.
  15. Babies and toddlers has to wear swimming nappies/diapers. You can buy these in the lobby shop
  16. No dogs are allowed in the Fjordbath, including wellness area and changing rooms.