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More than just meetings

We know that there are plenty of conference venues on the West Coast of Norway, but we believe there are few that offer as much in terms of services and activities as we do. We can arrange almost anything and can assist with both planning and execution from start to finish

Image by: Irene Schrøder


We'll get you here (and back)

One of the most important services we organise for groups visiting us is transportation. Therefore, we have established strong partnerships with local and regional transport providers.

Coaches (bus): We offer fixed quotes for coach services, ranging from smaller coaches (up to 16 passengers) to the larger vehicles taking up to 56 passengers each.

Boat: We collaborate closely with local boat companies and can assist with tickets or chartering. Chartered boats can pick you up from all major public ports in Western Norway, including the one by Bergen Airport, as well as Bergen city centre, Norheimsund, Haugesund, Stavanger and Os.

Train: There are no plans for a Hardanger Railway yet, but we can arrange group train tickets from Oslo or Bergen to Voss, where we'll set up transport down to the fjord.

Helicopter: Are you looking for a grand entrance? Or is an aerial fjord experience on your bucket list? We can offer an unforgettable journey over the fjord landscape combined with a visit to us.

Food & Drink

Norways orchard

Hardanger is known as Norway's orchard, offering unique taste experiences as well as locally-produced charm you won't find elsewhere.

On site: we have our main restaurant where we serve most meals, but we can also arrange seating in one of our chambre séparée. We can assist with arranging everything from evening aperitifs and hors d’oeuvres to hike packed lunches, and more.

Cider Tasting: We collaborate with several local cider producers and can arrange cider tastings at a local cider farms or at the hotel. Non-alcoholic alternatives are, of course, also available. In the summer and spring, we can also organise cider safaris on the Hardangerfjord.

Unique Restaurants: Hardanger boasts several unique restaurants, such as Buer Restaurant near Odda, Restaurant Iris in Rosendal, or Siderhuset Ola K in Nå. We can assist with group bookings (if possible) as well as transportation to/from these locations.


Experiences for all

One of the most important aspects of getting together is to foster unity, facilitate better collaboration, and get to know everyone, regardless of the day to day tasks, departments, or positions.

Team-building: We have a great partner providing team building for our groups, Vossamorro. They create team engagement and unity for small, large, and super-sized groups. With activities like bubble football, master meetings, or classic team-building, everyone is encouraged to participate. The competitive spirit is ignited, and win or lose, a sense of accomplishment is guaranteed. 

Outdoor Adventures: Our partner Trolltunga Active are experts in all things related to the outdoor fjord-life in Hardanger. Whether it's a visit to the iconic Trolltunga, a spectacular hike on the Queen's Trail, or a more local exploration through the orchards in Lofthus or Husedalen, they've got you covered. They also organise experiences like via ferrata, e-bike tours, and kayaking trips