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Let's celebrate: your event, our venue

Big or small events, special occasions, casual get-togethers, or something in-between? We'd be happy to host

Our hidden gem


This hidden gem is our historically recreated "fellowship hall" or "mead hall", which stems from a tradition stretching back to the viking age, where the local kings would host gatherings and feasts. This changed once the viking age ended, however the concept of a long table, roaring fireplace and plenty to eat and drink remained a staple in many communities along the coast, and we're proud to have our very own.


Capacity and setup: Long table, seats up to 40 people

Suitable for: cider tasting, aperitif, finger food/tapas


Our exclusive wine cellar

Munkens Trøyst (or the Monk's Consolation)

Nestled away in a quiet corner, you'll find our traditional wine cellar. Guests can usually steal a glance of the room from the hand-carved wooden doors and iron gates ensuring the safety of the wine, but if you want a truly unique experience, you can book a specialty dinner with wine (and/or cider) pairings, served in style. We'll close the doors, and open the bottles...


Capacity and setup: Long table, seats up to 16 people

Suitable for: cider tasting, aperitif, finger food/tapas, dinner

Chambre Séparée

Komponisten & Meteorologen

Right next to our restaurant, you'll find our 2 chambre séparée.

Komponisten and Meteorologen are perfect for parties, excellent for events and just the right fit for groups of varying sizes. The rooms has a capacity of 60 and 20 respectively, but the dividing wall can be removed, allowing for seating up to 100 people. 


Setup: banquet (squares or rounds), cabaret, long table, u-shape, square 

Suitable for: cider tasting, aperitif, finger food/tapas, dinner

Our grand hall

Hardanger Hall

We are incredibly proud to have one of the largest event halls in Hardanger. Our Hardanger Hall, with its 1150 m2, is a favourite for concerts, sports, and exhibitions, where retractable grandstands and nearby parking ensures a smooth execution of all large events. The hall has a glass façade with views of the fjord and mountains, and it may be quite unique in its design and style, with classic lines and muted colours. The hall currently hosts both the Hardanger Music Festival and the Hardanger Open Handball Tournament on a permanent basis, but is also used as an indoor tennis court and a exhibition space. 

Capacity and setup: Theatre, approximately 800 people